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Pomanique’s three-phase, electronically controlled, vacuum- interrupting distribution automation switch provides reliable, economical switching, sectionalizing, advanced metering, and automation systems for distribution circuits rated up to 38 kV. The Recloser switch combines solid cycloaliphatic-epoxy vacuum interrupters with a reliable, lightweight operating mechanism that utilizes a magnetic actuator to provide a lifetime of trouble- free operation. The solid polymer system does not rely on a gaseous, liquid,or foam dielectric. The ZX switch is highly resistant to ozone, oxygen, moisture, contamination, and ultraviolet light. Switch operations are programmed in an electronic control with accurate characteristics and a host of advanced features. When system requirements change, program settings are easily altered with no sacrifice of accuracy or consistency. Pomanique's reclosers meet all the requirements for outdoor use in accordance with the IEEE C37.60 and IEC 62271-111.

Long life and low maintenance

 ―  Magnetic actuators and superior design allow pomanique’s reclosers to operate for a rated 10,000 full load operations.

 ―  Less moving parts = less maintenance for 25 years.

High reliability

 ―  Pomanique designed a simple, magnetically actuated operating mechanism that could dependably operate with only one moving part.

 ―  Vacuum interrupter technology make ZX recloser with maximum reliability and minimal maintenance.

 ―  Environmentally friendly.

Optimized Measurement

 ―  Reclosers are equipped with current transformer and voltage sensors in each bushings to measure current and voltage, 

Microprocessor based controller

 ―  Controller provides more enhanced functions in protection, monitoring, metering, communication and recorder, and can also support your power         distribution system to be more reliable.

 ―  Simple integration into Ethernet or serial-based communication networks with DNP3 Level 2, Modbus, and IEC 61850.

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