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Line Arrester

Excellent protective performance.
Good resistance to pollution.
Easy installation and maintenance
Standards:IEC 60099-4


In the area of transmission line power quality, Pomanique offers the transmission line arrester.  The lightweight construction makes it possible to easily mount arresters on the transmission line structures.  The arresters provide a preferred path between line and ground, guarding against insulator flashover.Surge protection of transmission lines is a solution to troublesome outages and customer dissatisfaction.  State-of- the-art protection of transmission lines using polymer MOV arresters provides higher power quality, which will improve customer satisfaction.

Rated voltages (Ur)                     108 -220 kV

Nominal discharge current (IEC)     10kApeak

Discharge current withstand strength:

High current 4/10 μs                    100 kApeak

Low current 2 000 μs                   1200 Apeak

Energy capability:

Line discharge class (IEC)               Class5

[2 impulses, (IEC Cl. 8.5.5)             7.8 kJ/kV 

Short-circuitcapability                     50 kAsym

Service conditions:

Ambient temperature                    -50 ~45 °C

Design altitude max.                      1 000 m

Frequency                                    15 - 62 Hz

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