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Storage, making and breaking by motor, It can operating by handle.
Breaking short-circuit current up to 25kA.
Mini motor spring mechanism (about 30W).
Installation method: adopt two type installation method.
Sealing performance: adopt reliable sealing technical.
Incoming & Outgoing method:adopt silicon bushing to make enough insulate distance
Safe operating: there is an equipment to protect explosion.


VS1(ZN63 ) series vacuum circuit breaker is an indoor three-phase AC high-voltage switchgear of 50 Hz and rated voltage 12KV, made by introducing the technology of Swiss ABB Company and according to domestic industrial development and production capacity. The entire structure of this product presents the integrated installation of switch body and operating mechanism. It adopts the composite insulation structure, with high insulation level, no pollution or explosion danger. Its operating mechanism is of spring energy-storage type, which be operated with alternating current or by manual.

Item  unit parameter
Rated voltage    kV 12
Rated insulation level  1 min line frequency withstand voltage kV 42
rated thunder impulse withstand voltage kV 75
Rated current  A 630,1250,1600,2000
Rated short circuit breaking current  kA 20,25,31.5,40
Rated short circuit closing current  kA 50,63,80,100
Rated peak withstand current  kA 50,63,80,100
Rated short circuit withstand current(effective value)  kA 20,25,31.5,40
Rated current breaking times  times 50
Rated short-circuit duration  S
Rated operating sequence  times O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO 
Mechanical life  times 20000 
Rated single capacitor bank breaking current  A 630 
Rated back-to-back capacitor bank breaking current  400 
Contactor torque  mm  11    1 
Contact stroke  mm  3   0.5  
Three-phase opening synchronization  ms  ≤2 
Closing bounce time  ms  ≤2
Phase-to-phase distance    mm  210   1.5(275   1.5) 
Contact pressure of closing contact  3200   100
Average break brake speed  m/s  0.9~1.2 
Average close brake speed  m/s  0.55~0.8 
Breaking time  ms  20~50 
Closing time  ms  35~70 
Accumulative Allowable Wear Thickness of Dynamic and Static Contacts  mm 

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